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Frequently Asked Questions

What oil is safe to use on babies?

There are many different oils you can use to massage your baby. It's best to use baby safe oils. These are usually natural, cold pressed, food grade oils. Sunflower oil, grapeseed oil and fractionated coconut oil are perfect.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, we do. Please see the `gift voucher link in the site menu

Do I have to use oil in class?

You are welcome to use our class film or your own medium. If you would like to massage over the clothes, you don't have to use oil at all. It is whatever you are comfortable with.

What oil do you use in class?

We use 100% pure sunflower oil

What is Reflexology

Baby reflexology is really lovely and calm class. It works on the theory that your whole body is connected to pressure points on the feet. So instead of trying to massage tummy’s or legs or chest, your just working on one little foot at a time.

We go through a different routine each week. Some of the routines help with colic and digestion, helping with teething, sleep and relaxation.

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