Kidz First Aid Training at Glow Baby, Barnstaple

Kidz First Aid Training is run as a 2 part day course for parents, carers and professionals.

Part 1 – Paediatric Basic Life Support
This is an emergency life saver class to teach parents and carers how to respond confidently when a baby or child is choking, not breathing, or is unresponsive. In this session you will learn to provide the correct techniques for administering artificial breathing and chest compression. You will be taught to recognise and respond to choking and how to put your baby or child into the recovery position. Every person in the class will be given ample opportunity to practise these skills on dummies to boost their confidence! The content of this Basic Life Support class complies with both British and European Resuscitation Guidelines, and is internationally recognised as appropriate for teaching parents, carers and professionals the first responder action required to save a baby’s or child’s life.

Part 2 – Paediatric Accidents, Injuries, and Medical Emergencies
This is a First Aid class designed to teach parents and carers how to assess, treat, and respond to the most common injuries and illnesses in babies and children. Topics include: Wounds, burns and scalds, head injury, limb injury, nose bleeds, poisoning/overdose, lost parts, eye injury, fever management, febrile convulsions, meningitis, diarrhoea and vomiting, blood loss, shock, allergic reaction.

First Aid booklets and certificates will be provided.
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