Hypnotherapy Solutions Classes at Glow Baby, Barnstaple

Our course of 6 hypnobirthing sessions run by hypnotherapist Sharon Francis and help mums-to-be deal with the pressures of pregnancy, as well as covering the all-important topic of natural and effective pain relief for the birth itself.
Hypnobirthing uses hypnotherapy techniques to help women through pregnancy and labour, using deep relaxation techniques to access your subconscious. These techniques help you to focus on making positive steps towards what you want to achieve. You are in control at all times and fully aware of everything that is happening.
Participants will be given a free CD so that continuous practice can take place at home in between the regular sessions. The first 3 sessions concentrate on understanding how the body responds to stress and how to relieve it. This can help to reduce pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, high blood pressure and fatigue.

Reduced Stress During Pregnancy Leads to a Calmer Baby

Stress reduction techniques are hugely beneficial for your baby as stress hormones cross the placenta, therefore a calm mum leads to a calm baby! There is evidence that this calming effect is ongoing after birth.
The second half of the hypnobirthing course at Glow Baby concentrates on self-hypnosis – teaching you how to control pain during the birth itself. This is a fantastic natural way of turning down the volume on pain messages to the brain.
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